Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun In The Arizona Sun

After the kids got out of school I surprised them with a trip to Arizona.  I had found really cheap tickets to visit good friends.  We decided to see if we could keep it a secret from the kids.  They were so cute when we told them.  Eric said, "We have a surprise for you! Mommy and you are going to do something special!"  Alexa thought we were going to the park.  Shane was sure we were going for a bike ride and Emma thought it might be ice cream.  Eric said, "No, it is really special!"  Emma said, "Are we going to a movie?"  They were beside themselves with excitement when they found out in a couple hours we were going to be boarding a plane and flying to see our friends in Arizona!

Bailey and Emma are two blonde buddies!! 

Shane looks like quite the swimmer here doesn't he? The kids were loving the warm weather and the warm pool.  We spent a lot of time swimming at Grammy Peggy's pool! 

Alexa turned in to a fish overnight! Jumping of the board and swimming across the pool.  She was pretty proud of herself.  

Life at Grandma Peggy's pool is pretty sweet!  The kids had Popsicles in the pool, ice cream cones in the pool ....

 and strawberry short cake poolside.  What a life!! What a shock it will be to be back in South Dakota. 

Shane loved going down the slide and jumping off the board.  He was a crazy man in the water and enjoyed every minute of it!! The kids slept like rocks after our days at the pool!

Caden and Alexa enjoying some time floating in the sun!  

We had such a fun time with friends.  We feel so blessed to have built life long relationships with our Arizona friends and it is fun to see our kids developing these relationships too! 


Flip-flop Mama said...

Seriously, Shane does look like an olympic swimmer in that picture!! Glad you had a fun time with friends!

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