Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend at the McDonald house.  June is a month of celebrations and it so happened that a lot of those special days fell on this weekend.  Friday was our anniversary, Saturday was Alexa's birthday and Sunday was Father's Day!! Our real anniversary get away was our 8 days this spring in Mexico. We decided since the kids were going to be going to Bible School with some of their friends this week we would have a 5 night date anniversary marathon.  So when we were invited to some friends house on Friday night that we haven't seen forever we took them up on their offer.  The weather was picture perfect and we enjoyed a wonderful evening sitting outside watching the kids play and catching up with friends.  

Eric took up golfing in the last couple years. He enjoys it but doesn't get out on the course too often with the business of life.  I love it that he has found something
 that he enjoys and is a good stress releiver but he often chooses to spend time with us rather than time on the course.  He has a couple friends in the same boat.  The wives decided to surprise the guys with a round of golf on Saturday morning for Father's Day! We were hoping we could pull off the surprise with out them finding out.  The kids and I came up with a scavenger hunt of gifts like golf balls, tees and a new shirt to open with the Round of Golf at the end. 

The kids decided they wanted to hide clues all over house where they do special things with their daddy.  Eric got a kick out of some of our clues.  He was surprised and excited for the Saturday morning golf game with friends. 

Saturday was Alexa's birthday so after Eric's golf game we spent time as a family at Wild Water West, the local water park that we have a season pass at.  The weather was perfect and we had so much fun with the kids.  They are at such a great age this summer.  They have fun together and enjoy doing the same things.  They all love playing in the water! 

Alexa chose noodles as her special meal so daddy cooked up some yummy pasta for the birthday girl.  She opened a couple gifts from Emma and Shane and from us.  

We finished celebrating Father's Day on Sunday.  I had fun taking pictures of the kids in Eric's clothes.  We made a frame for him for his office.

We also found this cute Daddy Book.  It is a book about what Daddy's do.  It is super cute! 

The kids had fun making their own Daddy Book for Eric with all the special things their daddy does with them.

Sunday was rainy so after church we had a relaxing day and all got a nap in.  The kids started Bible School on Sunday night and we started our 5 Date Night Marathon.  Our first night we spent a couple hours at Barnes & Noble looking at magazines and books and chatting over a cup of Starbucks coffee.   


Carey said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend!! LOVE the picture you have Daddy with the shirts and ties. So cute!

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