Monday, June 15, 2009

June Birthday Bash

June is the month of birthdays in our family.  Last week we had a big birthday bash celebrating four birthdays.  The main focus was on my niece Mia who turned 2 on June 6, Alexa who turns 7 on June 20,  and Shane who turns 4 on June 26.  We also celebrated my brother Jay's birthday! 

We decided to do a cupcake tower and incorporate all the kids birthday! My sister-in-law made all the cupcakes and I made the toppers.  We had a yummy taco bar for dinner and then finished the evening with these yummy cupcakes !

Shane looking on ... he could hardly contain himself and really wanted to eat the frosting and the lollipops. 

Shane was pretty excited about his new ball glove and his slip and slide.  He got a water gun that he thought was pretty neat too.  It is the first gun in our household, funny how little boys know exactly what to do with them.  He also was pretty excited about his new golf clubs from Papa and Grammy.  He can't wait to go golfing with daddy now! 

I love this picture of Shane.  He got a $5 bill in his card from my sister-in-law.  He was pretty excited and knew exactly where he was going to put that ... yep right in his pocket! 

Alexa is an animal lover so she loved her new big Webkins.  Her and Shane also got a new pool from aunt Molly.  It looks pretty big.  She also was excited about her magazine subscription and her cool new pink guitar!

Shane blowing out his 4 big candles!

Alexa not sure where to look when everyone was singing to her! 

Mia was loving her birthday cake!

We even made uncle Jay his very own cake! 

There will be more celebrating in a couple weeks when the kids each have a party with a couple little friends! Stay tuned!


Carey said...

Happy Birthday to all! LOVE the cupcake tower, very sweet. Like Jay's hat suits him. LOL

Shans said...

Super Fun! Your cupcake toppers are adorable. I did similar ones for Claire's party coming up in a week and 1/2. Hope you enjoy the parties coming up. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Jennifer said...

I love that cupcake tower too! I have the wire one but I think you can fit lots more on this one. So cute!

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