Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Every year we rotate between Eric's family and my family on Christmas Day.  We were all looking forward to having the McDonald's Christmas at our house this year.  It is so nice to have more room to entertain and have family and friends over in our new house.  The kids were anxious for some cousin time. 

On Christmas morning the tables were set and ready for Eric's family to arrive.  I was very thankful that I got things ready the night before when I was feeling a little off because I had no clue that the gift I would receive on Christmas Day was a good dose of the flu. 

I have to say even though I was feeling crummy I felt very blessed on Christmas morning.  As I laid in bed my husband took charge of life.  He made a very yummy brunch complete with coffee cake, fruit par fee and yummy eggs with mushrooms and onions.  He also got 4 kids ready and was checking on his sick wife.  

The kids were excited to see their cousins walk through the door and were ready to eat! My brother and sister in law decided to take their chances with me being sick and come up to celebrate anyway.  They are so easy to have around and so I didn't think twice about having them come up when I was feeling crummy.  I would hang out when I felt ok and sneak back to the bedroom when I was feeling crummy. 

Max quickly remembered just how much fun it was to open presents. 

Max was very excited about his new truck and wouldn't put it down until it was out of the box. 

Shane got pretty excited about his Lego's too! 

Emma and Callie loved their Potholder Looms.

Alexa was pretty excited about her first sewing kit. 

The kids love having Aunt Molly around too!

The girls had fun crafting and playing with their dolls.

The boys wasted no time getting their racetracks out of the boxes 

and set up! 

These two boys are quite the pair! 

These girls are three of a kind! 

I would have to say this wasn't my favorite Christmas for obvious reason but in the midst of feeling crummy I really do feel blessed this Christmas.  First of all we have Max home.  I also feel very blessed that we didn't have to travel and I could crawl in my bed when I needed.  My husband graciously juggled the demands of four kids and entertaining.  I feel blessed that Eric's family is so easy going and it was fun to see the kids have an absolute blast together.  I didn't capture a lot of pictures on the day but that is just how it goes.  There is always next year! 


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