Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome To The North Pole

One of the kids Christmas countdown surprises was a trip to the North Pole.  I had planned a little Winter Wonderland Party and had gotten the snowman plates and napkins but when I saw my friend Kathy's North Pole breakfast I knew the kids would get a kick out of pretending they were at the North Pole.  I had set the table the night before so when they came out of their rooms all dressed and ready for school the North Pole was waiting them.  

I found some cute plates, napkins and snowflakes at Hobby Lobby.  Printed out some signs and made some fun food purchases at the grocery store. 

We had snowballs ....

snowflakes ....

and hills with snow! I know not the most healthy start to a day! But it is the season and sometimes the rules of a healthy breakfast before school just fly out the window! 

Everyone still looks like they are waking up a bit! 

Max is loving his powdered doughnut! 

Shane thought the snowflakes were the best part! 

The kids loved their North Pole breakfast surprise.  The keep asking when we can do it again! 
We just may need to take another trip to the North Pole during our long winter! 


Carey said...

That is so cute! Seriously you should start a PrintablesHoliday blog or something. I'm like me me I want to do that. But I'm kinda lazy and just want to print it out. Lol What a fun start to their day.

Carey said...

Ok I pinned it so maybe I'll come back and do it next week. Thanks for the inspiration!

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