Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It Might Be Time

It just might be time to break out the potty chair.  I am not too excited about it and think I would rather wait but Mr Max is all about the potty lately.  He tells me right when or after he goes and every baby or animal he gets his hands on has a stinky diaper or has to go potty.  

The other day it was a little too quiet in the house and that is when I saw him.  He was super focused and very busy having his sister's monchhichi go potty. I quick grabbed my camera and caught him in action.

The Kleenexes were a little easier to access with one hand than the toilet paper.

As he wiped him he would say "gross!" I think he may have heard that once or twice come out of my mouth. He has some of the nastiest diapers around.

He says "all done" as he flushes and watches the Kleenex go.

Time to try again! 

He must have decided it was time to get her cleaned up with a wipe and put a diaper back on.

"Max, that diaper is looking a little big there buddy!" Max could keep himself busy for hours putting diapers on and taking them off his animals.

We shall see if this mommy takes the bull by the horns and jumps into potty training after Christmas.


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