Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Express

On Friday night we hit The Christmas Express! 

The kids got their pj's on and were given a ticket to get on board The Christmas Express.  
There are free printables for these tickets or the Mini Van Express here.

They gathered their favorite blanket and waited at the door to give Eric their ticket. As they handed him their ticket they got a cup of yummy hot cocoa in return.

Notice our little friend Max sneaking through and making his way to the car.

The kids thought it was so much fun to be their pj's with their hot cocoa as we drove around and looked at lights.  We drove down to Falls Park for the huge light display that is amazing.  Eric and I snagged our travel mugs with coffee, turned on the Christmas music and were ready for a nice little drive with the kids on a beautiful night.  Max just doesn't slow down and just couldn't find it in himself to quiet down for our night out.  I kept timing him ... nope ... he couldn't make it 30 seconds with out saying something or yelling something.  Eric said, "Really, he can't even make it a 30 seconds :)!" I just kept giggling in the front seat.  Oh I love this little boy and the love he has for life.  Yes, it can be draining and he never really slows down but that is what makes him who he is.  A little boy FULL of life. 

What a great night.  It just may be added to our list of family Christmas traditions.  I can just see Eric standing at the door gathering tickets from his grand kids someday.... not that I am anywhere close to ready for grand kids  :) ... but how fun would that be.  Treasuring time with family and new memories this Christmas season.  BLESSED! 


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