Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Nutcracker Ballet

 The excitement was elevating as the weekend for the Nutcracker drew near.  The girls have worked hard all fall learning their routine for their big debut.  We went to the Nutcracker their ballet studio puts on 2 years ago and the girls loved it.  This year they got to take part in it and could hardly wait.

They were there early to get their make up done!

In one of the girls performances our friend Tessa got to ride in the sleigh!

The girls spent time watching Christmas movies, coloring, reading and having fun with dance friends while they waited for their big debut on stage! 

In costume and ready to go! 

I loved how their personalities shine through even on stage! Emma came bouncing on stage with a grin on her face you couldn't wipe off if you tried.  You can tell she is just having a blast.  She did say she was pretty nervous though but by her smile you would have never known.

Alexa came on stage with a smile but a more serious demeanor.  She was concentrating on her every move and every move was spot on! She loves dance and has really learned a lot this year and takes all her moves and poses very serious.  She is often dancing around the house practicing her steps. 

It was so much fun to see the girls on stage! 

Their dance studio did an amazing job putting on a wonderful show! 

Emma loved when the Sugar Plum Fairy came out! 

Emma bowing before she exited! 

Alexa was the last to leave the stage! 

It was such a fun experience for the girls.  I am so proud of them!

Alexa's good friend Reagan was Claire.  She was beautiful and did an amazing job! 

Papa and Grammy and the girl's cousins came to see one of their performances.  The girls were excited to have special people in the audience watching them.

It was a great way to kick of Christmas season at our house! It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  We just need a little snow now!


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