Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Three Ring Circus

I love helping in the kids classrooms, going on field trips and helping with parties.  It has been a bit of a challenge this year as now three are in school and Max is still at home.  I was excited when it looked like I would be able to possibly hit all the kids classroom Christmas parties.  The kids were so excited for their last day of school and their Christmas parties.  Alexa woke up with an itchy eye that looked liked it was potential pink eye.  Alexa was sad that she might miss her last day before break.  That is where it felt like the 3 ring circus began.  We waited a couple hours and her eye seemed to get better so we left Max with a sitter and headed to school.   I had just gotten to Emma's room and she came in from recess and wasn't feeling well.  She sat for a little bit and then said she was feeling better.

Emma's party started with them making ornaments. 

The kids then enjoyed a fun treat! 

One mom planned a fun game.  She wrapped up books for all the kids and read a story that had a lot of "rights" and "lefts" in the story.  The kids would pass it in that direction whenever she read those words.

Emma got the book Molly.  The kids are all supposed to read their books over break and then are supposed to bring them to the library and donate them to the school library.  They were all excited about something new to read over break and then getting to bring them back and sharing them with others.

I snuck over to Alexa's party a couple times during Emma's and then got in on a little Apple's To Apples with her class at the end of her party.

We had lunch then it was time for Shane's party.  I quick hit Alexa's room on the way to the party to put some more drops in her eyes. When I walked into Shane's room there was a little girl just sobbing.  It was her last day at school.  She was moving over Christmas and she wasn't feeling well so had to go home and miss the party.  She sat on Shane's teacher's lap and just cried as the class prayed for her and said good-bye.  All of us moms in the back were shedding a few tears too over what was unfolding.  Right as we were gaining composure and getting ready to get the party started Emma's teacher popped her head in and said Emma was laying down in the office and wasn't feeling well.  So I slipped out and went to check on Emma. She said she just didn't feel quite right but didn't need to go home.  So I made my way back to Shane's room and told her teacher to let me know if she felt worse.  

Shane's class had a Happy Birthday Jesus party and he loved every bit of it. At his first station he made a cute little ornament to hang on his tree of the nativity.

At station two he played Pin The Tail On The Donkey.  Most of the kids had never played it and thought it was really fun!

At station three he got to play Merry Christmas Bingo.

And last but not least was decorating and eating Christmas cookies.  

 I wouldn't have it any other way ... with 4 little ones life is bound to feel like a 3 Ring Circus some days.   


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