Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Alexa

Alexa's birthday falls in the summer so she always makes it a point to try to work it out with her teacher to celebrate her 1/2 birthday.  Her half birthday falls during the business of the holidays but she loves it. Since she was in Kindergarten she has made Reindeer cookies for her class as her staple birthday treat.  This year she decided she wanted to branch out and try something new.  She also was sure the two boys that were in her class the last two years might welcome a change.  She is too cute as she thinks out all the details and makes her plans. 

She saw these darling melting snowman cookies and decided those were the new birthday treat! She started my making her favorite sugar cookies.

While her cookies were cooling she mixed up the frosting and cut her marshmallows in half.

She then frosted her cookies ....

and added the snowmen's heads.

She loves decorating and loves details so she got right to work with her tubes of gel to decorate her little snowmen cookies.

  She wanted enough for her class, the office staff, principal and all her specials teachers.  She was a busy girl but in no time she had 30+ cute little snowmen cookies.

Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet girl.  I can't believe you are halfway to 10.  


Kathy said...

You have a little baker in the making -- those turned out so cute!!

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