Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reindeer Cookies

It is crazy to think that just a year ago we were anxiously awaiting our final approval on our journey to Max.  Those two letters ... TA ... were with in reach and we waited not knowing when we would be jumping on a plane.  We knew it could be close to Christmas, just after and were praying we would get our Travel Approval in time to squeeze in before China shut things down for the Chinese New Year in January.  

There are some things and memories that will always be a part of our journey to Max and remind us of the anticipation as we waited.  These cute little reindeer cookies have been a favorite of the kids to make the last couple years.  The last two years Alexa has made them to take to school for her 1/2 birthday celebration.  Shane had to take snacks this week and really wanted to make the reindeer cookies.  As we were making them Alexa said do you remember what happened when I was making these last year?  I sure do ... we were in the middle of mixing them and we got the email from our agency that we had gotten TA.  China was telling us it was time to come and get our son.  Alexa remembers it vividly because she was trying to get me to help her finish mixing up her cookies and I was dancing through the kitchen all giddy that our final piece of paperwork came through.  Good thing she knew how to read and follow a recipe because my brain turned to mush and I couldn't remember how many cups or what we had already put in the mixing bowl. She had said to me, "Mom, you are acting weird.  You never act like this!"  I am pretty sure every time Alexa or I see or make these cookies we will always remember the excitement of getting Max's travel approval. 

It is hard to believe that just a year ago today we got permission from China to bring our little boy home. I just can't imagine life without this sweet bundle of energy.  His smile and love for life lights up a room.  We are blessed! 


Kathy said...

How fun to have this memory associated with a favorite treat. Now you'll always need to have reindeer cookies at Christmas!

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