Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

A family tradition at our house during Christmas time is making a Gingerbread House.  We usually make one of those kit houses as a family. This year I saw a kit that had 5 little houses so that that would be perfect then everyone could have one to make.  Little did we know that they were going to be tiny little houses.  I think we may just opt for the graham cracker houses around a milk carton next year.  

The kids decided they were going to make a little cabin instead! We got some cardboard out and wrapped it in tin foil so they could do some landscaping as well.  Max quickly figured it out and was into doing everything himself.  

The kids each had their own ideas and were excited to get going! 

Max was pretty focused and wanted to do everything himself until he needed more frosting on his knife or some candy.  He would then yell one of the girls names until they came to the rescue.

This may be why he needed more frosting on his knife so often.

It was so much fun seeing them all busy at work as they were planning out their creations.

Emma to the rescue this time!

Shane felt like the Gingerbread House pro because he had done it at school already.

I couldn't believe how focused Max was on creating his own masterpiece.  

This little house is totally Emma with all the bling! I love how their little personalities come out even doing Gingerbread Houses.

Alexa is my creative soul so this was right up her alley!

I loved how Max watched his siblings and followed suit.  He saw them making paths of frosting so he did it too.

They added candy to the path ....

and so did he.

Alexa's little cabin in the woods, notice the trees.

Emma's bright and colorful cabin on the snowy plain.  

 Shane was pretty proud of his little house and large snowman!

As you can see Max couldn't be more thrilled with his finished product! It looks as though he enjoyed some frosting and candy along the way!

Max's very first Gingerbread House .... what a masterpiece!


Kathy said...

I love Shane and Max's faces covered with frosting! We bought the SAME kit, thinking the same thing! "Great! 5 houses, 5 kids!" Then we opened the box and they were bitty! The kids still had fun. But I have to say, yours turned out waaay better. :) Love the ice cream cones for trees! I'll have to remember that...all there was left on Andrew's little board when I went to take a photo the next day were crumbs! Classic. :)

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