Thursday, December 8, 2011

For Such A Time As This

There are a couple things that I love .... I love this time of year, I love entertaining, I love decorating a table, I love fun food and love my Bible study girls! So add all of those things up and it means it is time to throw a party! 

Another thing I love is Pinterest .. have your heard of it! It is a place you can pin fun pictures or ideas you find on other blogs, other pinners or the Internet.  I found so many cute ideas for fun food for our party that I had to pick just a few. 

This was a fun and easy way to make a meat and cheese tray look a little festive. 

We have been studying Beth Moore's study The Inheritance.  It has been an amazing study. The verses we have been focusing on is Psalm 16:5-6.  We have been learning about the inheritance that is ours because we are daughters of Jesus Christ.  We are over halfway through our study and God has really spoken to me during this study.  Beth states, "You are not a slave to fate, luck has nothing to do with your life.  The boundary lines that God has given you have fallen in pleasant places even if hard things happen.  It is not always beautiful getting there or beautiful here all the time.  Not one difficult thing in my life has been wasted, all of it has caused the boundary lines to fall and gave me purpose that God intended.  Everything in your life has purpose, it is never redeemed if it isn't sanctified!"  I love that I can rest in the fact that God has me in his hand and he has set my feet in the field that I am right now.  One thing that is so easy to do is to strive for, look or wait for the next thing around the corner yet I am praying that I can rest in where God has me right now.

You can listen to Beth Moore's The Inheritance sessions free right here.

Here were some of the Christmas tree appetizers we had.

We had some little Christmas desserts.  I found cute boxes to send home goodies with the girls. 

I loved this idea and it was yummy and looked festive.  I took a berry frozen concentrate and made it with sprite instead of water.  I added berries at the end that floated right to the top!

I feel like God has brought this group of gals together "for such a time as this!" In just a few short months there have been ups and downs we have walked through in each others lives.  There have been tears of joy and tears of pain.  There has been life lived and life shared with these gals.  I feel so blessed to have them in my life and to be digging in the Word and sharing our hearts.  I love that we can share our heart and hold each other accountable and challenge each other in the field that God has set our feet in right now. I can't wait to see what else God has in store for us in the weeks to come!  


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