Thursday, December 1, 2011

It Is Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

 The kids love when it is time to set up the Christmas trees.  

Shane has a tree for his room and the girls have one in their room.  Shane was a little worried that Max might feel left out and I said we would try to get him one next year.  

 Max quickly got into the action and was excited and joined right in.

The girls got to work decorating their pink tree.

Max found his way downstairs to help his sister too! He of course can't miss out on the action! 

We got the lights out to see if they were all in working order.  Max did a lot of oohing over all the lights. 

One of my favorite things is opening the box of ornaments.  There are so many memories in this little box.  Eric and I both received ornaments every year growing up that are all in this box.  The kids also get ornaments every year.  It is fun to see them pick up their ornaments and reminisce about when they got them.  My favorite is pulling out all those homemade ornaments and the sweet pictures of the kids from the years past. 

Max quickly grabbed a ball and did what only he knows.  He threw the ball and startled everyone as it shattered.  The verdict is still out if the good tree with the fancy ornaments will go up this year with our busy boy with busy hands. 

I love this picture of our four little blessings around the tree this year! We are blessed! 

The lights went off and everyone took in the finished tree! Max was loving the lights on the tree! 

I can't wait to experience more of this magical and special time of year through the eyes of our four little blessings. 


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