Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never

On Sunday, the storm broke and we headed back home.  The girls were pretty sure Santa just might have come while we were gone except that we didn't hang the stockings before we left. They also were not sure how he fared in the storm with his reindeer's.  We visit Santa before Christmas but don't make a huge deal about Santa at our house. Shane actually asked me why Santa brings some kids big presents and sets them under their tree.  I replied by telling him that his dad and I like to give him and his sisters special presents and Santa probably doesn't think he needs special presents from him too.  Shane said, "Yea he probably knows I have a lot of toys already!" So we debated about even doing Santa this year but I had stocking stuff so we decided the kids would think "better late than never!"

The kids woke up to stockings full of goodies on Monday morning.  
A little piece of cookie left ....

and a note from Santa!

They were pretty excited when they peeked their heads out their bedroom door and saw that Santa had come during the night.

Emma was excited about her new reversible bag!

Shane thought his new electric Wally toothbrush was super cool!

Alexa wondered how Santa knew that she loved Fairies and crafts.  On a side note I was pretty sure Alexa would figure out the whole Santa isn't real thing this year.  Her cousin even told her he was make believe but she chose to believe he still is exists.  

Emma's expression when she found some sparkly powder!

What a fun after Christmas treat! It actually worked out great that Santa came late.  We had nothing planned this whole week so the kids have enjoyed their jammie days at home with all their new toys!


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