Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Get Away

We stayed at the Water Park Hotel and had tons of fun swimming and on the slides!    

Wouldn't you know it! The first person we ran into at the Water Park was Santa! The kids couldn't believe that Santa actually was at the Water Park! He asked Shane what he wanted for Christmas and Shane said, "I already told you!"  So Santa asked him if he changed his mind! Nice come back Santa!

Alexa was in her glory because she was tall enough to go down the slides by herself.  She went on the tube slide over and over again.  She also was a brave girl and went on the body slide! She loved all of them.  She is a little fish with no fear!

The kids coming down one of the smaller slides!

You never knew how Shane and Emma would come down those slides.  Here is Emma spinning around! 

And Shane making his feet first appearance on his tummy!

Here are Eric and Emma coming down the double tube slide.  We all loved this one but loved the big family tube ride too.  It was nice to all be able to go in the same tube together.  We also enjoyed the lazy river and warming up in the hot tub.

The hotel was a hit with the kids and mom and dad.  To our surprise there
 was a separate room with 2 sets of bunk beds. Shane thought it was so fun that he got to 
sleep on the top bunk as well.


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