Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas At Papa And Grammy's House

On Saturday we went to my parents to celebrate Christmas.  We all gathered to take the traditional Christmas picture while all the kids were awake and happy.  I love seeing how our family grows and changes every year! 

We started the morning with a yummy brunch that my mom made.  Every year we have peaches and cream, egg bake, fruit and granola, muffins and this year she added a baked french toast.  

What a full table! 

The four youngest get a little eating in but a lot of socializing!

We then moved into the family room for stockings and baskets.  There is not enough room to hang all the stockings so Grammy fills baskets for the kids.  It is something they look forward to every year! 

They love all the goodies that Grammy finds for their baskets! Socks, underwear, lotion, ornaments, movies,  ......

Then it was the big kids turn to open their stockings.  We all love the fun things that my mom finds for our stockings too. We look forward to them every year.  

We gathered in the sun room to open gifts.  The scenery was picture perfect this Christmas.  It truly was a beautiful white Christmas!

Oh the many expressions of Christmas above! Christmas through the eyes of a child is priceless!

Speaking of priceless! Don't you just want to kiss my niece's cheeks! She was such a fun addition to the celebration this Christmas!

Shane was pretty tuckered out after all the days of fun. He decided to relax a little while as he flew his new Geo-Trax airplane.

The kids were begging to get out in the snow.  

Darby and Alexa spent hours in the snow.  A highlight for them was playing hide and seek with Papa and Aunt Ang.

Emma was all about trying to find the biggest icicle

The blonds stop for a little rest! 

Shane needed a little help from dad once again!

They went from walking through the deep snow to crawling!

We finished the night with a yummy dinner and then the kids got their jammies on.  Every year Grammy finds matching jammies for the kids.  Pretty soon they aren't all going to fit on the bed!

Thanks Papa and Grammy for a great day! 


Shans said...

Great photos! Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Glad you had such a fun holiday!

3 Peanuts said...

Love all the matching jammies so cute. Shane is going to LOVE having another BOY around next year!

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