Friday, December 11, 2009

Milk And Cookies Night At Preschool

Shane had Milk and Cookies Night at his preschool.  The kids were supposed to wear their pj's and there were various activities for them to do, story time and of course cookies and milk.  Eric took the kids while he sent me off to have dinner with a friend and then we headed to an event at church.  I always love the events that they plan at preschool.  The preschool director and teachers do such an amazing job so I was sad to miss it but it was fun for daddy and the kids to go together.  I told Eric to snag some pictures for me! 

Of course Shane's favorite part was the cookies and milk!

The kids said they had fun picking out all the different items to put in their snow bottles. They found letter beads to spell their name, snow flakes, jewels and glitter!
Emma checking out her finished project! 

Shane adding his finishing touch, the glitter!

The kids also made some bookmarks!

Emma and Alexa had fun making "My Favorites" books ....
and Shane decided he would rather play trains.  

They also listened to a story about a fairy and her baby that was read by one of Shane's teachers.  

Isn't her little girl, the baby fairy a little doll!

The kids had a fun night out! 


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