Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Singing About Jesus' Birth

This weekend the kids had their Christmas program at church! It was really crazy not to have any one in the 2 and 3 year old choir! My 3 little blessings are growing up way too fast! Shane and Emma were in the 4 and 5 year old choir together.  Shane was very excited for the big performance on stage especially since papa and grammy were coming! 

Emma and Shane were singing Away In A Manger! 

Here they are ringing their bells! 

Emma singing her heart out in the microphone!

Shane was anticipating the microphone!

Alexa was pretty excited that she moved up to the big kids program this year.  She was assigned the part of the "know it all angel!"  I thought she looked pretty cute in her glasses but I also thought they made her look way too old! 

It was hard to get any decent pictures with the lighting and it seemed like every other picture had a glare from her glasses or red eye! I don't know if she every has had red eye in her life! 

She sang her heart out! She was very proud of her performance in the big kids program and so were we! 

Shane and Emma came on stage as animals for the last couple songs of Alexa's musical! Shane was supposed to be a donkey which is why he has the brown shirt on but decided he would like to be a sheep! He was a cute little sheep that was singing his heart out!

And there is our other sweet little sheep!

"Oh man mom, how do you girls do this?  This headband thing is killing me! Are we done yet?"

We were very proud of our 3! They did a great job! 


Kaylor Kastle said...

Darling kiddos!!! Merry Christmas indeed!!

Anonymous said...

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