Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Shake At The Diner And A Visit With Santa

This weekend we headed down town to the Old Fashioned Diner! The kids love eating at the Diner because they know they get a yummy shake.  Shane thinks the cherry on top is just the best!

Yum, Yum!!!

The girls thought the shakes were pretty tasty as well!

We finished lunch and then walked a couple blocks to visit Santa.  The girls were chatting at lunch about what they were going to ask Santa for and when they asked Shane he said, "You're going to have to wait and see!"  We thought that was so funny! I wonder what he has up his sleeve?

Alexa was a little nervous as you can see as she is holding on to her fingers.  She doesn't like to be the center of attention like that.  She asked Santa for some Polly Pockets and an American Girl doll! 

Santa took one look at Emma and said, "I know what you need for Christmas, a front tooth!"  Little did he know she knocked it out when she was 2 and we are still waiting for that tooth!

Emma was all giggles with Santa.  She asked for Polly Pockets, Barbies and some lip gloss!

Shane totally cracked us up.  He anxiously jumped on Santa's lap.  We were wondering what he was going to end up asking Santa for.  Well Shane had already thought about this moment and within a matter of minutes he didn't skip a beat and had rattled off a huge list of things he wanted.  He listed off at least 10 things and we were so shocked I can't even remember what he said.  The people behind us said, "Wow, he has quite the list!" 
This look was in the middle of him rattling off his list! I love this boy, there is never a dull moment with him around!  Does that sweet face look like trouble or what?

I think he was still rattling off the list as he was saying good-bye!

Santa with my 3 little blessings!

I love this picture! I think it captures their personalities.  Shane is being silly and didn't even wait a minute before he had that candy cane open.  He loves treats!  Emma is always full of expressions.  She wears her emotions on her sleeve! And Alexa is our first born who is wondering what in the world her siblings are doing since they are supposed to be looking at mom who is taking a picture.  

We had a fun family afternoon!  We are excited for more Christmas fun this week!


Shans said...

Such a fun afternoon! I love how each of them approaches things differently. I hope Shane gets one of those many items on his list from Santa :)

Flip-flop Mama said...

Julie~ love Alexa's look in the last one, and Shane's long list :)
We just started reading American girl books. . Ainsley loves them! I have to tell you, that Santa works out at Family Wellness, and we saw him in the hot tub the other day. . the kids were like, "We saw Santa in the hot tub!!!" Quite a sight :) Keep thinking we need to make it downtown to see him. . .not in swimming trunks!

Kathy said...

What a great post. I always think how your Shane and my Andrew would probably have a ball together. And don't you love when you have a photo that you can look at as a mom and see who your kids are on the inside shining through on the outside? That's just the best. And it's funny you explained Emma's front tooth--I never stopped to think it's been missing for a long time. She just looks so adorable without it!

Glad you're having so much Christmas fun. :)

Andra said...

Oh they all look so cute!!! I DO love their expressions. Love the Santa in the hot tub comment, too funny!

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