Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Books And Ornaments For 2009

Every year I try to find a special book or two to add to our collection of Christmas books.  This year we added to. 

The first one was the Nutcracker.  The girls were so excited to open this book.  This book is to represent our first year that the girls and I went to the Nutcracker together.

Our second special book is The Christmas Miracle.  It is something I saw and had to pick up as we journey to our little boy in China.

Every year we give the kids ornaments.  I try to find something that has a special tie to the year.  

This year Alexa got a cupcake which represented her fun Cupcake Birthday party.  Emma's is a chalkboard which was for her new adventure in Kindergarten.  Shane's ornament is a soccer ball. He thought he was big stuff that he got to play soccer this year with his sisters. And the fourth ornament if for our little boy in China.  He was born in our hearts in 2009! 

Papa and Grammy get the kids ornaments each year as well.  Alexa's was "There's No Fun Like Snow Fun!"  So fitting for this Christmas with all the snow and the hours she played out side.  Emma's couldn't have been more perfect.  It was a "Fashion Queen."  Shane got "A Barrel-of-Fun Grandson!"  That's our Shane!

Grammy Sue got the girls these sweet angels and Shane this cute little snowman! Looks like the tree is going to be quite a bit fuller next


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