Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cozy December Nights

We love books at our house!! I was a 2nd grade teacher before I became a mommy and have always had a love for Children's books.  Eric might call it an addiction.  I am so glad the kids follow in their mommy's footsteps and love books and reading!  The kids always get excited when December hits and we are ready to pull out all of our Christmas books.  I started my collection when I was teaching but we add a book or two each year.  The kids look forward to seeing what the new book is for the year.  It feels like Christmas when all the books that have been put on the shelf since last year come out to be read! 

I asked the kids which books were their favorites and they just couldn't decide so these are on the top of the list at the McDonald house!

The weather has been super cold this week so we have enjoyed afternoons and evenings cuddled on the couch and reading books.  On Tuesday we had a below zero temps and a big snow storm roll in so after school the kids got their pj's on and we spent close to 2 hours reading books.  I sure hope the next couple weeks lends itself to more of those days.  When I broke the news the kids that I did need to make dinner for the evening Alexa jumped in to take over.  I couldn't help but to snatch a few pictures of my 3 little cozy, Christmas blessings!

I love this expression on Alexa's face!

Stay tuned for the new books for this Christmas season!! One of them is especially special to our family this Christmas!


Kathy said...

I love children's books too! I'm so glad you did this post. And I thought WE had quite a collection of Christmas books--wow! But I got a few recommendations from your list because we only have a few that were there. Thanks! I'll look forward to your post w/the book for the year!
And what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon together. Perfect!

Kaylor Kastle said...

I do the same thing and the girls LOVE it! The Little Match Girl is the girls' favorite this year that I added...sad, but sweet too.

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