Saturday, December 19, 2009

On Friday I spent the afternoon helping at the girl's school with their Christmas parties.  I started out in Alexa's classroom.  

They had fun making "Happy Birthday Jesus" cupcakes.  They used the items below to explain the Christmas story using a cupcake!  

Happy Birthday Jesus Cup-Cake Instruction:

Round cup-cake represents Gods everlasting love no beginning or end.  

The chocolate cake represents sin and the white frosting that represents Jesus’ purity covers the sin.

White colored sparkles to represent Jesus’ goodness and beauty.  

Green sprinkles represent everlasting life.

The gold star represents star of Bethlehem

The angel represents the angel Gabriel who talked to Mary/Joseph and the Shepherds about the child who was to be born and who was to be Jesus) 

Put a candle in the middle.  When the candles are lit they represent the light Jesus brings us through the whole year through

They also designed their own ornament and then wrote about why they drew what they drew.  Alexa drew an artist because she loves art and wants to be an artist someday!

They had green bags of goo and they used q-tips to write in the goo.  They had to come up with as many words as they could in the word Christmas.  The winning group came up with 26.  How many can you come up with?

We finished the party off with a unwrapping the present relay.  I was in charge of the game so Eric had the joy of helping me wrap 24 boxes.  3 sets of 8 that fit in each other.  Alexa and I made little clips for their backpacks with their name in beads and a heart on it.  We talked about how we all love opening gifts but that we want to remember that Jesus and the gift of Jesus is the most important.  We also talked about the only thing Jesus wants for Christmas is our heart.  The key chains are a reminder that Jesus wants our hearts.  

It got a little crazy but the kids had a blast with the relay and hopefully they took something meaningful away from it as well.

Alexa's teacher game them 3 special gifts.  One was some candy because they are sweet.  The second was a glitter pen to encourage their creativity.  The third was a musical note ornament to remind them of all the praise and worship time and music they did in 1st grade.  Alexa's teacher loves music and Alexa loves that they spend so much time singing and praising God.  What a great way to start each school day!  I know Alexa will always remember Mrs. Odens and all the singing they do in the classroom!

I got to sneak in at the end of Emma's party.  I missed the cupcake decorating and cupcake eating station.

They had fun decorating Christmas bags for the crafts they made!

They also made frames for a picture of Emma and her teachers. Emma loves her teacher so I know she will treasure this picture in the years to come.

Very proud of her finished product.

Emma was very excited to open her gift from her teachers.  She got her very own little tree.  This will be a fun reminder of her Kindergarten year each Christmas season when we take it out!

The girl's Christmas break started on Friday.  Shane is supposed to go to preschool on Monday since his preschool follows the public school schedule.  I am not going to be able to capture any pictures of Shane's Christmas party this year because we decided to take off for a family Christmas get away as the kids Christmas present this year.  I can't wait to post pictures of our Christmas fun over the next couple days.  I think Shane will get over missing his Christmas party at preschool and enjoy our Christmas family fun!


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