Monday, December 28, 2009

Every Little Girls Dream

On Monday we headed to the Twin Cities as our Christmas gift to the kids.  We decided it would be fun to get away, stay in a hotel and make some memories as a family instead of getting them a couple gifts.   We did have one special gift in mind they were each going to get.  Alexa and Emma's stop was The American Girl Doll Store.  

I have to say this has to be every little girls dream store.  It was so much fun to watch the girl's eyes and faces as they took it all in.  Two stories of doll and girly bliss! 

The girls were in awe as they walked around and looked at all the dolls, clothes and accessories. Alexa went to the Look Alike Dolls and knew within a minute who her Lex was going to be.  She had brown hair, brown eyes and had bangs.  She looked into her eyes and then took off the lid of the box and said, "Yes, she looks just like me!"

We then traveled downstairs to the Historical Dolls.  Emma saw Kit right away and said, "Mom, she even has freckles like me and her hair is exactly like mine!"  We walked a little further and found the blond Bitty Baby Twins and Emma had a decision to make. Did she want the blond twins or Kit who looked just like her.  She laid them next to each other and we discussed the pros and cons.  She went with Kit! We headed back up the escalator with Kit in hand! 

Emma also loved trying all the little girls accessories and clothes that matched the doll's outfits! 

Next we hit the doll salon! Emma really wanted to get Kits ears pierced but we'll save that for another trip someday! 

We had a reservation for dessert at the bistro with the dolls.  The girls got little chairs for their dolls to sit next to them.  Their dolls were given a menu as well.  The waitress brought out a tea cup with lemonade for each of the dolls. Alexa went with the BIG brownie sundae! 

Emma went with the Root Beer Float.  And her doll got a little bowl of whip cream with sprinkles! 

Shane and Eric joined us for dessert and they gave Shane a doll to borrow as well.  Shane thought it was so cool.  He told us he was putting an American Girl Doll boy doll on his Christmas list.  Shane enjoyed a Chocolate Shake with a cherry on top and also enjoyed sharing the treats that were brought out for his doll.

The girls had a fun afternoon and decided that this was their best present ever!


Kathy said...

Oh Julie--what a special memory for you! I dream of doing this with Kaitlin someday too. Santa brought her a bitty baby for Christmas. They really are such sweet little dolls and such a neat way for the girls to learn about history too. I'm glad you were able to do this special trip for Christmas.


Shans said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift! My girls love American Girl dolls and for Hannah it was a big treat to go there. I am excited to take Claire and let her experience it too. So glad you had great time! Some very special memories for your family.

Merry Christmas!

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