Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cookie Decorating 101

My friend Julie and I have gotten together for the past 4 years with our kids to decorate cookies before Christmas.  It has become something our kids so look forward to.  I think the first couple years they would eat more than they decorated and after 2 they were done so we would decorate the rest.  

As you can see Jack and Shane are totally enjoying themselves!  

Shane is carefully completing his masterpiece! 

And then of course taste testing his final product! 

These girls were having so much fun.  They are actually in the same Kdg class at school so enjoy spending time together outside of the classroom as well! 

Emma busy completing her gingerbread man!

Shane the serious froster! Hmmm it looks like he has been taste testing!

Yum, Yum!!!

We missed Alexa this year since she is now in school all day everyday.  I promised her I would save some cookies for her to frost after school.  I am thinking we may need to switch our annual cookie decorating to an evening next year and then the dads can participate too!


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