Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Big Snow Storm Of 2009

We definitely finished off 2009 with a bang in the snow department.  The total snow fall over Christmas was 16 - 20 inches. This was by far the most snow our kids have ever seen.  I think the last time I saw snow like this was when I was in college.  It definitely made this Christmas a year to remember for the kids. They had a blast staying at their cousins house and they couldn't get enough of the snow! 

Eric helped the kids at the top of the hill get ready for big decent! 

Shane with a very relaxing landing!

Shane and Mia needed to be rescued numerous times from the deep snow.  It was a little bit hard for these two to get around at times!

These two don't look like they are having any fun do they?

Shane had so much fun with his daddy in the snow.  What a treat to have all this time playing with daddy in the snow!

Eric got his work out in pulling the kids around in the snow!

Uncle Jay decided to get the Gator out and pull the kids around the driveway!  

Look no hands!

Eric would hide along the route and jump out and scare them or chase them.  The kids thought it was so much fun and eagerly anticipated where Eric would appear next!

The kids came in with rosy cheeks but big smiles.  They of course wanted some hot chocolate to warm up!  


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