Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Fun With Shane In The Kitchen

Everyone always asks if Shane misses his sisters when they are at school.  I would answer maybe a little but he LOVES his one on one time with mom.  I have to say I so am enjoying him right now.  He cracks me up and is so willing to be my helper whether it be crossing items off the list at the grocery store, vacuuming or dusting or helping in the kitchen.  This week he had fun helping make our favorite Peppermint Hot Cocoa for our family and for gifts for others.

He thought it was going to be fun to "punch" the candy canes! I called it smashing them!

He decided the elbow punch may work a little better! I wish I could have captured the sound effects that went with it.

Now comes the layering part! 

And of course the finished product! 

Here is our Peppermint Hot Cocoa Recipe

In a pint jar layer in this order:

1/2 c powdered creamer

1/3 c sugar with red food coloring

1/4 c hard peppermint candy discs, crushed

1/3 c powdered sugar

1/2 c chocolate drink mix (I've found Quick or Nestle or a more well know brand is better than any generic)

1/2 cup dry milk

* the jars above are a recipe and a half

Shane also had snack for preschool this week.  He really wanted to make more Christmas cookies to bring.  He is supposed to bring a health snack so we brainstormed some healthy ideas that he could have fun making.  This is what he decided.  

Crackers with cheese cut out in Christmas shapes! 

He loves bringing snack to preschool and especially when he helps to make something special! 


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