Monday, December 28, 2009

An Hour of Fun At Lego Land

Shane has been into his legos so we thought he would have fun picking out something fun at Lego Land for his gift.  Him and Eric were on the web checking it out before we went.  He wanted to look for a train.  

We had to stop back at Lego Land to snap some pictures to capture Shane's special treat for the weekend since I had the camera with me at the American Girl Doll store.

Shane thought all the Lego creations were pretty cool! 

Shane is the entry way at Lego Land striking a pose! 

Wow! Look at all of these Legos! One of my friends mentioned that this is organization at its finest! Hmmm how are we going to organize all of these legos?

Shane had fun showing his sisters all the legos.  There was also an area outside that you could build and play! 

Shane picked out this train.  Eric just happened to find this train laying around the store only to find out it is one of the hottest items in the store and they can't keep it on the shelf! Way to go daddy!  You made Shane's day!


Kathy said...

Our home is quickly turning into "Lego Land." :) My boys love them and if you ever figure out how to keep them all organized, do let me know!! I'm always vacuuming them up! :)


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