Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Fun At The Mall Of America

We had a fun little surprise at the Mall of America and got some free wrist bands for unlimited rides at the amusement park.  We weren't going to do rides on this trip so this was a fun treat for the kids.  

They started out on the slow moving, calm carousel.  

They then moved into the ride that would bring you up and drop you down.  Notice Shane's expression when he started and then when the ride started going.  They all had looks like this but assured us when they were done that they loved it! I think that is a look of fear rather than love!

They were then off to the little roller coaster! 

We all went on this big roller coaster! It was a first for our family.  Everyone was old enough, tall enough and brave enough to venture on the big person roller coaster!
Eric and the kids had ventured on another first.  Well a first for the kids but not for Eric!  They went on the big Dora Ferris Wheel! 

No tears .... just a lot of smiles! 

The kids giggled their way through the Swiper ride! 

The last ride the girls and Shane and I went on!  This ride went up and up and up.  Then around and around and around!  The girls loved it and went on it back to back! 

Shane on the other hand said "Mom, I fink I am going to frow up" in the middle of the ride! I quickly thought hmmm what can I do to prepare myself.  I was ready to take my sweater off as we started slowing down and dropping down.  We made it to the end of the ride but Shane was done with rides for the night!  

Dad and Mom finished with a stop at Starbucks before heading back to the hotel.  I love this picture of Eric and his two girls! 


Kathy said...

What a fantastic trip!!! I love little Shane's "I fink I'm going to frow up." :) Don't you just love how they talk? And I know that feeling of immediately trying to figure out what to do! We need Mommy Preparedness courses, don't we? The kids look like they had a ball. And how fun for you to be at the age for all of the kids to enjoy it with you as a family!

Molly said...

Wow Julie! It all turned out so great! What a memorable Christmas for your family!! I am excited to see you all again! Merry Christmas!

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