Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Fashion Queen

Emma has always been my fashion queen!  From the time she was little she took notice of what was in style.  She was into dresses and skirts for the longest time but now is all about jeans and layers.  When she was 3 she would come out of her room with her jeans rolled with big cuffs like one of her baby sitters.  It is like pulling teeth to get her to wear comfy clothes like sweat pants! She is the one who knows what she wants to wear when she wakes up in the morning and often comes out of her room fully dressed right after she wakes up.  Today I had to take a picture of what she came up with.  She has taken notice of the layered look and has a t-shirt with a dress over it! She off course has her jeans that have a hole in them and look a little worn.  She got her snow boots out and tucked her jeans into them.  She has noticed the tall boot look around.  She also added a scarf as a finishing touch! She wore this outfit around the house the whole entire day!  
Who knows maybe she will end up in the fashion world someday! 


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