Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

On Christmas day we waited for my brother's driveway to be cleared and then hopped in the 4 wheel drive Tahoe and headed to Eric's sister's house to spend Christmas day as a family.

We started the day with a yummy brunch! We had french toast with strawberries and homemade whip cream, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions, bacon and pineapple.  No McDonald Christmas brunch is complete with out pineapple dipped in sour cream and brown sugar.  You may be thinking that sounds weird! I did when Eric's family first introduced me to it but you'll have to try it! It is yummy!

As you can see the kids are loving their Christmas brunch.  The homemade whip cream was a hit! Shane kept asking for more whip cream and strawberries on his french toast.  

Oh, the anticipation by cousin Callie!

Emma loved her Nail Art book from Grammy Sue.  Every time Grammy comes for a visit Emma asks if she will do her nails so the salon is usually set up in our kitchen! I'm sure Emma will get Grammy Sue to try out her new colors and designs before she heads back to Washington!

Shane is more than excited about his Lego trucks!  I think we are going to have to figure out some type of Lego organization system after this Christmas.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning! Any tips out there?

The 3 girls opening their gifts from Aunt Molly with anticipation!

Very excited about their new iPod Shuffles! 

Big hugs for Aunt Molly!

After opening gifts the kids were itching to get out in the snow! Eric and Aunt Lori decided to take the 4 wheeler out.  Uncle Roger warned them about driving through the deep snow.  It looks like they hit a drift that was a little too deep! They had to scoop their way back out!

Back in business!

Shane was getting a little tired and frustrated! That deep snow was pretty tough for him to get around in but he was a trouper and tried his best to keep up with the 3 girls!

Daddy to the rescue! Look how deep that snow was on Eric.  No wonder Shane had some issues traveling through the snow.  

Aunt Lori and the girls loving life! They spent tons of time in the snow on Christmas Day! 

We finished out the evening with 2 yummy pasta dishes that Eric made and some salad and bread! Then it was time for the Christmas jammies!

The kids had such a fun day with their cousins!

I think these two little boys could be trouble in the near future!

We loaded up and headed back to my brothers.  The typical 10-15 minute trip took about 45 minutes in the tough, white-out road conditions.  We met one car on the way back to my brother.  I think others were smart than we were and took the travel advisory to heart!  We made it back to my brothers safe and sound!  What fun memories we made this Christmas!


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